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I had this belief in you
In us
In everything I ever believed in
As quick as injection to the vein
A phone call from the brain
Begging for oxygen
And crying in pain
How do you break a soul?
Rip out every bone in my body
One by one
As if searching for the cancer
You feel me breathing through her
In a heart beat that stirs
Do you say my name?
Can you see what we were?
How do you murder a friend?
I heard your passion last night just like
The night before
Listening to that same haunting tone
The riiiiiiing of your telephone
The night you tied me to my throne
Killing execution style
The only thing I've ever known
How could I forgive you again?
:iconxdarkbeauty73x:xdarkbeauty73x 2 12
Mature content
The Things You Don't See :iconxdarkbeauty73x:xdarkbeauty73x 8 29
Open Eyes
While walking slowly down the street
and trying so hard
to convince myself to embrace my flaws
I treaded so gracefully across
With the emptiness of the ocean
Being like the surface beneath my feet
Glancing up I saw her brave
With the body of a child but the heart of a giant
Slipping off the sidewalk's edge
Then rising quickly with her innocent
New baby pink bike
On her second try I smiled
And as she rode swiftly past
She said with such pride
"My first time on my own"
It was the most amazing thing
Meeting the memory of me
:iconxdarkbeauty73x:xdarkbeauty73x 4 18
Cortney and the Sun :iconxdarkbeauty73x:xdarkbeauty73x 2 17 History Forgot About Us :iconxdarkbeauty73x:xdarkbeauty73x 8 25 I Loved You First :iconxdarkbeauty73x:xdarkbeauty73x 2 18 After the Rain :iconxdarkbeauty73x:xdarkbeauty73x 6 20 Strawberry :iconxdarkbeauty73x:xdarkbeauty73x 8 23 Yours and Only :iconxdarkbeauty73x:xdarkbeauty73x 3 28 Lover's Spit :iconxdarkbeauty73x:xdarkbeauty73x 4 27 Night Lights :iconxdarkbeauty73x:xdarkbeauty73x 4 26
Stockholm Syndrome
Sleeping with the lights on
To catch my Stockholm Syndrome
S n e a k i n g out the back door
Weeping to always be yours
Loving the captivity
If it means you can stay with me
On the snowy shores of your ocean
Hands full of sand and frozen sea
Just follow the lipstick letters
Written in red a c r o s s your reflection
Crawling to your altar for protection
From golden ghosts waltzing in time
You have never looked so beautiful
As I pack my bags but beg to stay
In your love of blindfolds and blood stains
Leave your window open and I'll come home again
:iconxdarkbeauty73x:xdarkbeauty73x 3 36
New Years in Black and White :iconxdarkbeauty73x:xdarkbeauty73x 4 26 Tiny Dancer :iconxdarkbeauty73x:xdarkbeauty73x 7 26
Deadly Sin
I'll put all my trust in those luscious,
elegantly dressed
Hush-hush early morning affairs
Let you sink into me through smooth,
1920s cocktail parties
Pretending not to stare from across the room
This is merely a staircase short of heaven
Snow storms in summer
Those slow, low, light-hearted sinister cravings
Bruises to a beat too perfect to dance to
Someday I'll give you
Shivers of dirty, over clichéd, shameless hungers
To a nibble of a sliver of real morality
To your all evening cravings
You've never really been all that bad
Pressed up against unanswered deprivations
I'll put all my trust, all my lust in those
Unmentionable hush-hush liaisons
:iconxdarkbeauty73x:xdarkbeauty73x 7 30
Frankie-2 :iconxdarkbeauty73x:xdarkbeauty73x 3 15


feelings :iconlynnlae:lynnlae 8 7
Kiss, Yes
This is going to be
    the kiss
to get you through
until you can hold me
I'm only crying because
I love you
and you're killing me
:iconmissaudreykaye:MissAudreyKaye 1 1
Leaving Chronically
If when you left
you told me you didn't
    love me
it would be easier
But easier is not the
Also, there is a difference
    between sex and
    making love.
and I've figured it out.
:iconmissaudreykaye:MissAudreyKaye 2 0
Untitled 1 :iconjessiebug:JessieBug 3 4
Lady Write the Blues
I creid because the sex
    was beautiful
and I cried because you
    couldn't hold me any
    longer that night
and I'm crying now
    because you squeezed
    my hand while we
    were listening to that
    sad song,
    bringing home a
    Christmas tree
And I'm crying now because
I know what's left to
I haven't done enough
and I won't have until
    we buy out own
    Christmas tree
and we really are
young and broke together
If you grab me by the
and tell me,
"I love you."
(lightly the acoustic
Make love to me,
I need you
:iconmissaudreykaye:MissAudreyKaye 1 0
I missed you today
waking up in the
    same place I've been
And you're never slept
    there before
It is just awkward
    without you
--like my shoes are too big,
or I'm missing an arm
This morning I sat
curled in the seat of my truck
the way I would have been
against your chest
our educational plans
Oh, If we'd only learned
    this all before.
:iconmissaudreykaye:MissAudreyKaye 1 0
Day for Honesty
I'm going to touch you
wearing white one day
Not because I saved
but because you saved
And let it rain again
--when we kiss.
:iconmissaudreykaye:MissAudreyKaye 1 2
Body :iconmickey03:mickey03 355 98
Mature content
act :icongunia:gunia 26 16
I Miss You-- and the '90s
Passenger seats
and the music of our
prompting me to find
    a way of saying
that you've already said
and I'm so sure you
    meant them
it's almost frightening
but exciting at the same
(somewhat physically)
the headlights and
    glowing dashboard
seem so safe
almost as safe as you
this thing I can't imagine
living without
now that I have it--
and I promise I'll tell
all of it
but for certian
I'm content
and settled
and I can't dream
    anything better
except, maybe
seeing you on weekdays
Come home.
:iconmissaudreykaye:MissAudreyKaye 2 0
Line Rider - beta :iconfsk:fsk 24,146 5,687 The Other Side Of Barbie :iconravenmacabre:RavenMacabre 526 74
Mature content
melancholia :iconravenmacabre:RavenMacabre 71 22
To Desecrate
Being able to kiss
a luxury I've been teased with
Paid for with dignity
and the truth of my intimacy
That is it
just kissing
I think I'd like to do that
    every day
And I tried so hard
becoming everything I denounced
simply for the most chaste of it all
--that and a moment in a bookstore
when you pressed up against me
to tell me how fucked up you were
feeling you standing there
behind me
whispering into my hair
was thrilling
more than any promiscuous act stolen
    during moments
ruined by the worry of being discovered
So for that
and the honesty you have me
I express lyrical grattitude
on these sheets of paper I'll never
    show you
because (my friend)
I still want you
in the dark
doing horrible things
desecrating you
so unholy
:iconmissaudreykaye:MissAudreyKaye 0 0
Low Grade
My low grade logic
that still believes in signs
and wishing on things
with the rhetoric I heard
while fucked up ammong
the vines of Eden and
the tails of snakes
have reinvented me
shrouded my mind in cloaks
dancing through me
    like witchcraft
and the arts
all of deception
in forests
rolled to perfection
and smoked
I love
no one
right now
:iconmissaudreykaye:MissAudreyKaye 1 0
One day, from your stoned computer screen
you're going to see the pictures
of what you threw away
on the temporary
and most of me won't love you anymore
just the fingertips
and the parts of me I planned to throw away
because they were permanent
(String Quartet plays Pop song Funeral March)
:iconmissaudreykaye:MissAudreyKaye 1 7



Current Residence: Thunder Bay...yuck
Favourite cartoon character: Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas

Isn't it amazing how many new deviations are submitted daily on dA?
That the amount of people who are interested in dA increases daily?
And the fact that so many artists have found a platform to dicuss and present their work to others?

Without a doubt it's a big, interesting and versatile community.
But isn't it amazing to always see the same artists on the frontpage every single day concerning the fact that so many new deviations have been submitted?

We're all aware of that and believe that this has to change. It is already quite difficult for the "unknown" artists to promote their work and gain more attention.

Clearly, we do not intend to deny the skills of those great artists who enrich the community by sharing their magnificent work. But we do intend to enhance the platform in such a way that "unknown" artists might get a real chance to draw the public attention to their own pieces of work by promoting it on the front page of the community.

In our opinion we think it unjust to only have the chance to be represented on the front page if one has the luck of having many watchers.

We would like a better system which allows a deviation to be seen on the front page if, for example, it has 'only' reached about 40 favourites and about 200 views.

Take a look at the actual situation: You have uploaded an impressive piece or art that gets faved according to the number of your total views/watchers. Then, however, a more popular deviant uploads a more or less 'average' deviation and automatically reaches more than the double of your favourites/views in a mere moment.

A new structure of the frontpage could enhance the actual competition on dA, i.e. popular deviants wouldn't be able to best the "unknown" artists by posting a rather average deviation.

A reasonable alternative to present the "daily top favourites" on the front page would be a bigger amount of thumbs which would show the 40 best deviations of the day in a random order.

We think it's in everyone's interest to change the current situation and make dA a place where creating and sharing unique art plays a far bigger role than scrambling for new watchers.

If you agree, help us and yourself by copying and pasting this entry into your journal. Text file -->

The community



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